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Commercial Landscaping

Greens Landscaping, Design and Construction provides commercial landscaping and supports today’s developers, general contractors and public agencies in executing their landscape construction and maintenance projects. As experienced, licensed/bonded contractors, we execute projects with a serious eye to quality and with a discipline for projects of all sizes and types including specialty contracts, design to build contracts or as a project manager.

When you work with Greens Landscaping you’ll benefit from our nearly 20 years of experience in commercial landscape, dedicated account managers, trained irrigation technicians who can help you manage your water costs, and after-hour emergency service 365 days a year.

Our commercial landscaping services include the following:


Since 2001 commercial landscaping has been a core part of our business. Our unique combination of artistic flair and scientific technology help maximize the tenant and the visitor appeal of your property while managing control of your landscape budget.

Irrigation Management

At Greens Landscaping, Design and Construction, we know to direct water flow to maximize the effects of this precious natural resource. From initial evaluation to technology upgrades, Greens Landscaping applies scientific method to irrigation system maintenance.  Trained irrigation technicians are always available to offer advice, troubleshoot problems, or show new irrigation techniques, renovation and installation. Irrigation management services include:

  • Irrigation system evaluation
  • Under and above ground leak detection
  • Wire tracking
  • Drainage
  • Smart water technology
  • Troubleshooting
  • Fault location
  • Erosion avoidance and control
  • Retrofitting
  • After hour emergency service 365 days a year

Landscape Renovation and Installation

At Greens Landscaping, Design and Construction, we are always looking for ways to update and improve the look of the commercial property you are servicing.   We can tackle landscape renovation, or installation on both a small and large scale.   Our experienced landscape professionals bring their expertise to your property.   We work within your budget to maximize your project and get you outstanding results. Services include:

  • Commercial landscape design and landscape installation
  • Irrigation services and re-engineering
  • Shrub, tree and ground cover installation
  • Irrigation Installation and Systems
  • Artificial turf installation
  • Landscape make over and upgrades
  • Sprinkler repair, redesign and upgrades
  • Plantings and Fertilization, tree trimming and pruning
  • Sod Installation and Mulching Services
  • Hydro seeding