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Practical Advice on Drought Tolerant Landscaping, Part II

In my last article, I talked about drought tolerant landscaping and alternative suggestions for grass and irrigation. In this series, I will provide a list of drought tolerant plants to consider when landscaping or re-landscaping your lawn.

With mandatory water cuts, state officials are urging folks to pull out their lawns in favor of drought-tolerant landscaping.

Most drought-tolerant plants available at local nurseries are imported from places like South Africa and Australia. Ecologists caution that these plants aren’t as inviting for California’s animals, insects and birds as native plants.  Important to note given how the drought is currently impacting the honeybee and it’s ability to pollinate.

If you’re looking for your lawn to be an oasis for local plants, here are 13 drought-tolerant California plants to consider, which provide low-water plants with a breath taking array of color.

California Yarrow,  Arroyo de la Cruz Blue-Eyed Grass,  Palmer’s Indian Mallow,  Apricot Mallow, California Mountain Lilac, Lester Rowntree Manzanita, Point Sal Purple Sage, Santa Cruz Island Ironwood, White Sage, Tidy Tips, Lupine and Canyon Grey California Sagebrush.


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